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Why do some messages get marked as "read" even though I haven't read them?
The current version of vBulletin (and, as far as we are aware, all other web forum software too) does not really track which messages you've read, just which messages are new. Every time you log out or close your browser it sets all the messages in the forum to "read" status; furthermore, by default vBulletin automatically logs you out after 15 minutes of inactivity (and sets all messages to read). Because we have a lot of traffic, we've lengthened this timer to an hour. If you are used to systems with true read-message tracking (like NNTP, Pyramid boards, or e-mail) be advised that feature is not available in web forums. Forums merely track old vs. new messages, based on the last time you logged out - with some temporary "read" tracking maintained during a browser session. The vBulletin developers are working on real tracking of read messages for a future version - keep your fingers crossed.

General Information
This is the FAQ file for the web forums only. Other questions are addressed in the general Steve Jackson Games FAQ.

Why are a number of vBulletin features disabled here?

One of the reasons we chose the vBulletin software is that it gives us a lot of optional features that can be turned on and off individually. Some of the features we really, really like. We limited others, or turned them off completely, for various reasons, ranging from legal privacy issues to bandwidth to "Euw, we don't want to look at 50 different kinds of smiley icons." What it boiled down to is: vBulletin gave us a buffet menu of options, and we selected the ones we thought were best for this online community.

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