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11-09-2017 until 12-09-2027
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Remember: DFRPG, not GURPS. Thank you!

Please remember that this forum is for the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game only. It is not for GURPS, despite that being the origin of the DFRPG, and thus is not the place to discuss GURPS rules.
  • If you play both games and want to talk about crossovers, imports, exports, etc., the correct place to do so is on the GURPS forum, not this one.
  • If you want to offer game aids of use to players of both systems, the correct place to do so is on the GURPS Resources subforum, not the DFRPG Resources subforum.
We do not intend to be harsh with forums discipline at this point, but we will be heavy-handed about moving or even deleting posts that do not respect this separation. And if such moderation becomes necessary too often, we will rethink our stance on discipline.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation!
Sean "Dr. Kromm" Punch <>
GURPS Line Editor, Steve Jackson Games
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